A Zombie Show to Love


For those who haven't yet watched those saved episodes of The Walking Dead on your DVR, or those who thought it would not be very good at all, every positive comment that you've heard is true.  And good thing it was so short; I wouldn't have caught up before the end was spoiled for me.

It was only six episodes, but you will become emotionally attached to these characters.  I even felt sorry for the despicable ones, and you'll see why if you haven't already.  There are many bleak and eerily quiet scenes of terrific acting, some leading to sudden panicked, exciting, and devastating fight or flight moments.  I was choking back the tears in places and on the edge of my seat in others.  It's epic and intimate, gory and humane.  The end leaves you craving more and, unfortunately, that won't happen until next October.  I'm glad I didn't miss this one.

The following scene is from the end of the first episode.


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