Season 15, Back Half Teaser

"No doubt, endings are hard. But then again, nothing ever really ends...does it?"

It's almost time for the "final ride," as Jensen put it a few hours ago. The end of this series is going to hurt more than most. Being on for 15 years, I wouldn't want it to be any other way. That hurt means it mattered. Like Fringe, Buffy, and Angel before it, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this summer, we'll be saying goodbye to something special.

A Christmas Carol (2019)
A Darker Direction

Guy Pearce | © FX Networks

"The only thing...the only thing I want the spirits to do, the only change I want them to to spare the life of him."

UPDATE, 12/31/2019 - I thought I was done writing about A Christmas Carol, at least until summer, but apparently it was not done with me. There were a few more things on my mind during the week after seeing this affecting miniseries. That's how I know this was great; it won't let me go. It mainly stems from comments I've seen that it was both too long in parts and not long enough in others, making it feel both overstuffed and rushed. I didn't feel at all that way and I kind of ramble on about it.

UPDATE 2, 1/20/20 - I really thought the last time I wrote about this was going to be the last time, but it's nearing the end of January and I'm still thinking about it. That's due to the exceptional talent of Guy Pearce. This one performance shows me he's an equal to Andrew Lincoln or Robert Downey Jr. Funny, because I was floored by him in Memento long before I knew either of the other two. Since then I only remember him from Iron Man 3. IMDb tells me there were a few smaller parts that I forgot about, like the opening minutes of The Hurt Locker, where things didn't go so well for him. There was also Jack Irish, a series he starred in, which I now realize I had started watching somewhere before it became unavailable. I'll have to use my Amazon Christmas gift card for that. So, in all these years, because he wasn't regularly appearing in things I watched, his talent faded from my mind. A Christmas Carol has changed that. Even if Pearce never does anything else, there are very few who can convincingly convey real emotion, and I won't let that fade again.

The Ghost of Christmas Future got his claws in me and isn’t letting go until I write this, my actual work and Christmas preparations be dammed, apparently. I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything all day. At least, in doing this, I get a few thoughts out about this engrossing miniseries just in time, instead of being my usual weeks and months and years later, irrelevant self.

Peter Capaldi
Someone You Loved
Music video

Now the day bleeds into nightfall
And you're not here to get me through it all
—Lewis Capaldi, "Someone You Loved"

On the heels of the Rick Grimes tribute video, we have another video starring someone extraordinarily talented, whom I have not had the opportunity to gush about for a really long time. "Someone You Loved" has been out for many months now, but I kept putting off watching it until I then forgot about it, which is a shame. This one is not fan-made, but an original work from an artist I've heard but I'm not too familiar with, that somehow ended up being exactly what I've always needed from an actor I adore: a very intimate portrait of the heart and loss and second chances.

This Will Destroy You
Rick Grimes Tribute Video

"It was all for you, right from the start."

WATCH THIS. Watch it now if you're a fan of The Walking Dead and especially if you adore Andrew Lincoln. I tweeted this video a couple days ago and I went back to YouTube to watch it again just now. I can't get over how good this one is, this showcase for Lincoln's incredible talent. He doesn't get nearly enough recognition, or any recognition at all except from fans, and that is all sorts of wrong. He is one of the greats, one in a small number of actors that really make me feel deeply for their characters. There is no arguing how talented he is. Andrew never fails to deliver something special, something inspiring, something captivating, something truly moving.

End of the World Teaser
Season 10 Preview

"We are the end of the world.
We are free."

Ooooh, the Whisperers keep getting creepier. That just makes me love this storyline more and I can't wait until they meet a satisfying end.

I am so beyond excited for this season. Then I'll be terrified when the mid-season finale comes. Terrified again when it's time for the season finale. Then I'll be excited all over again when the trailer for season 11 drops. Terror and excitement: two of the most prevalent feelings that ebb and flow and swirl together around memories and anticipation of The Walking Dead.