The Ones Who Live
Series Final Trailer


"It's a broken world, Michonne, but together..."
"We can do anything."

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I haven’t written anything about anything in a long time. Not that I didn’t want to. Not that there wasn’t anything worth talking about. I just never had the time. It’s not always true that if you really want to do something, you make the time; it was flat out impossible with all my obligations.

In fact, I quit my job in 2020 to fully concentrate on my business, around the start of the pandemic. At the same time, my Mom’s MS and contestant hospitalizations became increasingly harder to handle, and there wasn’t a moment of free time left. But since August of 2023, I found myself in deep debt due to my business not surviving the pandemic no matter what I did to save it.

So, it was time to give up that, for now, get a new job and figure out how to dig myself out of this hole. That still meant spending more time not doing what I really wanted: just writing about my favorite shows and other things. But today, that changed. I had to, at the very least, get this final trailer for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live up here.

I’ve been excited for the return of Rick Grimes since the day he sacrificed himself for his family on that bridge. It was a beautiful, bittersweet end, harrowing in what he went through to and heartbreaking in that everyone who knew and loved him thought they watched him die. I couldn’t love that episode more and it will always stay with me.

I’m glad Andrew Lincoln got to be with his family, since he’d been missing too much being away, sacrificing too much for us and the incredible story of The Walking Dead that we all love so much. I’m glad he made the decision to come back because he just couldn’t kill off Rick Grimes before. That makes me terrified for him now, though, as I’ve always been.

TOWL will be another opportunity for a sad, sad end. I’ll enjoy every moment with my heart pounding, my teeth clenched, shaking like a leaf. I CAN’T WAIT. Can't wait to see Rick's beautiful eyes crying again. Andrew is so damn good at acting the emotional pain.

Can’t wait to see Danai Gurira again, too, and I don’t have to wait much longer. Please, Michonne, find your man, hold him tighter than I’ll hold my pillows to my chest. Don’t let him go.

Don’t know what I’ll do if Rick dies this time. I’d probably declare in the moment that I’ll never watch a Walking Dead series again, but I know that’s not remotely true.

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