SHIELD Vs Carter Dubsmash for Charity

Remember the Dubsmash War between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet and Agent Carter's Haley Atwell and James D'Arcy? The ridiculous and wonderful thing that started at Comic-Con? Well, it's time to officially declare a winner. Six videos, three rounds, two charities. Support St. Jude's or Stomp Out Bullying, both worthy causes, with your donations, which count as votes.

Rewatch the original dubs, to remind yourself how entertaining this summer has been, or watch them for the first time. Then it's time for the first video of round 1. Don't wait too long; you don't want to miss the opportunity to win a spot in a Dubsmash with all four of these adorably goofy, fun and sweet people.

Imagine Dragons New Single ~ Roots

Yup...I love it!

I happened to glance at a tweet yesterday about a new single from Imagine Dragons. I just assumed it was off their latest album, "Smoke + Mirrors," which I have listened to so much it's stuck permanently in my brain. Didn't even look at the name of the song, I guess, or I might have noticed it was unfamiliar. I was too busy anyway and I didn't think of it again.

Oh, singles. I hate and love that about Imagine Dragons. They sometimes release a song here and there, or EPs or remixes, between albums. I don't actually own Warriors or Battle Cry yet. I think I may be missing Monster, too. Of course I've listened to them on Spotify, but I'd rather pay. I like to support the musicians I love. It's easier to do that when all the songs are on the albums when I buy them. Instead I have to download some later, which I often forget to do...or buy them all over again in the case of Bastille's Bad Blood because there was an entire second disc's worth of new material on All This Bad Blood.

I love more than a handful of musicians, and it becomes a chore (and can be a bit expensive) to hunt down all their non-album singles and b-sides. One day I'll gather all the songs I'm missing from all my bands and have an entire day's worth of new music to listen to. That'll be nice. But for today I'll just be downloading Roots. You can get it on Amazon, like I will after I'm done here. Or you can buy it from iTunes if you really want to, but I am not an affiliate, so please consider Amazon instead.


Price: $1.29
Version: MP3 Single
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Artist Website(s): Official Site, Twitter

Smoke + Mirrors

Price: $13.99
Version: Deluxe CD
Artist: Imagine Dragons
I'm not a Target affiliate, but they have the best price for this version by far at $14 less than Amazon and it comes with 4 exclusive tracks.

When adding labels this post, I realized I had none for Imagine Dragons. Then I searched for a mention of them on my site. Nothing! What? I know I never finished my review of Smoke + Mirrors, but not even once did I say anything about them anywhere? I think I know what happened. I've talked about ID in other music posts that I must not have finished either. Usually the t-shirts take top priority. I have to remedy this. Not a lot I can do right now, though. Suffice it to say that their second album may even be better than the first. Most if not every song they've done up to this point has a unique sound, so nothing gets stale. That's why I love 'em.

Why So Post-Impressionist?

 photo cc93b8ea6bf6bb4ceb8fa5cf05791363_zpslpw09yte.jpg

Oooh, this is a damn fine shirt. I think I have to get it. I have Heath Ledger's Joker on my wall, but I don't think I have any shirts with that calmly psychotic, scarred and scary mug on it. You'd think I would since any time I think about him, which is still quite often even 7 years after it came out, I have to tell someone how perfect he was. Wait, how has it been 7 years already? Anyway, Heath gave a superb performance full of menace, humor and eerie unpredictability. He was The Joker, damaged and deranged, the epitome of what that character ever could or will be. I'm not trying to take anything away from Jared Leto. I'm sure he'll do fine, maybe even amazing, in Suicide Squad, and he's obviously going to be quite a different interpretation. But Ledger owned The Dark Knight without being a caricature of a real person and I will forever be grateful for that.

I could talk all day about The Dark Knight and Heath's command of it, but I have to get to ordering this shirt and then get to work. I also have to ask my brothers if they want one. [Edit: Yes, of course they did.] If you can't get enough of The Joker either, Why So Post-Impressionist? by Tony Centeno (who also did a gorgeous silhouette of Walter White called 'Baby Blue') will be available until the end of the day at TeeFury starting at just $11 from small to large sizes, $12 for 2X and $13 for 3X.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Plus Spaceballs Equals...


An epic space adventure starring Chris Pratt as Peter Quill as Lone Star, Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser as Dark Helmet...wait, Rocket and Groot are both Barf, the half man, half dog?

Anyway, you get the idea. Oh my goodness. How did I not think of a Guardians of the Galaxy and Spaceballs mashup? It's so obvious! Well, not really...but now it is, looking at this masterpiece. Of course, these two movies are not at all alike, except that they're both the all to rare comedic sci-fi type. One is more serious and high stakes with a huge heart and unexpected sense of humor while the other is a gloriously goofball send-up of the genre.

Galaxyballs by AtomicRocket is available at RiptApparel for today only, starting at $11 for smaller size t-shirts and $2.98 shipping. Add $2 for 2X, $3 for 3X, and so on up to 5X. You can also get this design on hoodies, coasters, and posters. Use code JULYMAS to get 15% off.

Speaking of posters, check out the original for Spaceballs at Pretty close. I would like to see "James Gunn's" or "Marvel's" at the top left of "Galaxyballs," but there's probably some copyright issue with that. And I do miss the Dark Aster in place of the Spaceball One, but I think there wouldn't be room unless the cast was smaller. It has the Milano, though, so I'm not going to complain. This is a great shirt.

Now, can someone please do a Guardians of the Galaxy Quest mashup tee? Edit: Something like this poster by Todd Spence. I forgot this existed! But it's not for sale.

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Con Man is Already a Hit With Me

Ooh, look what I forgot to turn into a post at the beginning of the week. Dammit!

The original concept teaser for Con Man, about a has-been actor famous for one cult sci-fi series cancelled too soon and his co-star who went on to become a superstar, made me want to donate to the Indiegogo campaign. But at the time I was inundated with other things and completely forgot before the funding page was closed. They raised over $3 million from almost 47,000 people, so they didn't really need my $20 (they'll get it eventually anyway). I consoled myself by admitting that while it was funny and had potential, it didn't having me falling out of my chair laughing. But now? With this trailer? I am enthusiatically looking forward to Con Man.

Fans kept Spectrum alive in their imaginations and safe in their shattered hearts.

That quote perfectly sums up what happened to us all when Firefly was cancelled. Now that they have the funding and have written and shot more, this new footage has made my day. When it comes out it may make my year. Yes, the trailer was that good. Good enough to already be a favorite show. I don't often let myself get excited for things, because I don't want to be let down. But no matter what, it will be so much fun having Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion together again.

I was a fan of Buffy and Angel, so of course I followed Joss Whedon to his next show, and Firefly was an instant hit with me. I need to make the time soon to do a rewatch of my beautiful Blu-ray set, but I've been too busy loving too many things. Anyway, there are so many cameos of sci-fi and Whedon alums, such as Gina Torres, Amy Acker, and Seth Green, that it looks just fantastic. I will happily spend my money on this show when it's released. And I'm sure I'll be snapping up a few t-shirts from the artists at TeeFury or Ript Apparel, too, when they start popping up.

When they say you're pigeonholed it doesn't mean you're stuffed into the hole the pigeon lives in. It is a hole in the pigeon.

I love depressed Tudyk. He does comedic sadness so well. And now I'm thinking of Alan Rickman at a store opening in Galaxy Quest, forced to say his beloved character's catchphrase yet again.

Alright, now I want to watch that for the fiftieth time. Don't even tell me you haven't seen Galaxy Quest, about has-been sci-fi actors famous for one hit that was cancelled too soon, stuck in a rut doing conventions for the rest of their lives, and the aliens who think they can help save their people. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub, Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell, and Enrico Colantoni, all of them being hilarious. I promise you'll have a great time.