I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all

I just realized I haven't posted anything since March. I have my day job, of course, and weekends are family time. I also have a fledgling business to attend to and recently my brothers brought me in on an unanticipated venture. So, it's not that I died; it's just that my days have become furious rushes to get things done. Because of that, I've been neglecting to share my thoughts on my favorite things. I hope to change that.

Logan: All These Broken Parts

Dafne Keen and Hugh Jackman | Image copyright 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment


On the one-week anniversary of my death by (at least) a thousand cuts, I bring you this short story of the cause of my demise. What happened to me? Who is responsible? Why did I let my guard down? Was there anything that could have been done?

Let's start with the what. If your eyes skipped over the title up there, I went to see a little movie you may have heard of called Logan. A little movie that has made $535 million worldwide in the three weeks since its release‪. It's not the highest haul a superhero movie has ever had, but that's nothing to scoff at and it's still a great finish for an emotionally rough goodbye. This is the X-Men movie I was waiting for, the definitive Wolverine movie, one of the best ever superhero movies, and just a damn great movie.‬

Agents of SHIELD: The Ghost

Image copyright ABC Studios and Marvel Television

Season 4, Episode 1
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Wow, I just looked back through my posts and discovered that the last time I talked about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was on October 4, and that was just a promo for my little MAOS store. Before that, I had finally finished my thoughts about Absolution and Ascension just a couple hours prior to the season 4 premiere. I've been mum since. I've certainly been vocal over on Twitter, though, and that's why I wanted to gather all my thoughts from there and post them here.

But a whole thing happened where I just had no time at all, with my work, starting a business, the holidays, cleaning the basement nearly every weekend, an enormous post about The Walking Dead's mid-season finale, and then my mom going to the hospital again; she's doing much better now, thank you. But it was just one thing after another and all at once. Now I have 15 of these tweetcaps saved up for MAOS alone and 4 other shows to take care of, too. As of this moment, there are 56 drafts waiting for me to do something, anything, with them and 2 more about Doctor Strange and Logan, which I saw and adored and was messed up emotionally by last night.

The Walking Dead: Ross Marquand Live Q&A

"It's the apocalypse. Don't let it get you down."

While I was working this morning, I just happened to look at my notifications at the exact moment @RossMarquand (Aaron on The Walking Dead) tweeted that he was about to do a Facebook live stream.

The Walking Dead: Hearts Still Beating

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus | Image copyright AMC

"I was there. I saw what happened on the road. What we're doing is gonna keep people living. We get to do that. It doesn't matter what happens to us."
"Michonne doesn't think this is living."
"Well, committing to a choice like this, after living how we did -- free -- I get it. It's hard. It's giving up everything, right up until your own life. But either your heart's beating or it isn't. Your loved ones' hearts are beating or they aren't. We take what they give us so that we can live."

"We're still alive, Rick. So much has happened, so much that we shouldn't have lived through. And in spite of it, or maybe because of it, we did. We're still here, the two of us. We're still standing and we're gonna keep standing."
—Michonne to Rick

You were right...right from the start. You told us to get ready to fight. I didn't listen, and I couldn't. I can now.
—Rick to Maggie

I love quotes. They succinctly sum up a beautiful scene or episode, sometimes an entire season or series. They remind you of what it felt like to hear those words, or give someone who has never seen it a taste of what they're missing. So, I always try to start with a quote. I even have those quote banners above that I wish I could get to making more often. Reload the page to find the one I used for this episode.

These three quotes were some of my favorites of all of The Walking Dead. Aaron and Michonne's words are the most inspiring, most important things anyone has ever said to Rick and at a time when he needed to hear them the most. The final words, from Rick to Maggie, were an acknowledgement of her need for retribution. They were both devastated, but while Maggie wanted to hit back immediately, Rick turned to inaction from the terror of what more punishment would come if he made another wrong move. Now, having seen that there is no way to avoid the humiliation and degradation and sadistic nature of the Saviors, Rick's heartbreak, which will never heal right, has been overpowered by the realization that playing along may save a few for a while, but that Negan could decide at any time to finish what he started. It's not a question of if, but when. Rick is ready to be a leader again so that everyone can live and live free.