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"Spoilers!" If you haven't seen "Face the Raven," do that first and then come back.

If you think because she's dead I am weak, then you understand very little. If you were any part of killing her and you're not afraid, then you understand nothing at all.

Wow, what a scene. This series has so many quotable moments that have emotional resonance.

I promised myself that I would get everything done that I needed to today. Then, of course, the BBC released a preview of the penultimate episode of this undoubtedly fascinating season of Doctor Who that's been overflowing with tremendously beautiful acting and writing. "Heaven Sent" picks up where "Face the Raven" ended, after one of the saddest character deaths ever on television, let alone Doctor Who. We will never be the same, and it will surely be very hard on the Doctor. Not only does he have to deal with the loss of Clara, but at the same time he has been kidnapped/taken prisoner by someone or something called the Veil.

Thanks a lot, Ashildr. Bet the Doctor's not too happy he saved her anymore. But remember, Ashildr never wanted anyone to get hurt. She offered up the Doctor in exchange for her own people's safety, and she did not count on Clara taking on someone else's burden. It's just an unfortunate thing that Clara was so gung-ho about being more like the Doctor and such a good person that she would risk her life for someone else the way she did, ignoring her own mortality because she was sure the Doctor could find a way out. Ashildr never wanted Clara to get hurt, and so I blame her, but I don't hate her. And you can't hate Maisie Williams! She's been brilliant.

It's a sad fact that companions never get to stick around for too long, and it's terrible Clara's fate was to die, but her goodbye was a perfect scene and her death will give some more incredible material for Capaldi moving forward. And we start moving forward by keeping the Doctor in one place, to face his loss instead of trying to run from it. From the images I saw the other day, it looks like he'll be emotionally and psychologically tortured while in the Veil's company or under his/her/its influence or control. And the Doctor's having none of it. He's kind of in a bad mood at the moment. I'm going to really enjoy watching Peter Capaldi give another top-notch performance.

After these pics and videos, these next few days of waiting for this episode are going to feel like weeks.

Where to Watch

Heaven Sent will be on BBC America this Saturday night at 9 PM Eastern. Previous episodes are available on Amazon and various other places, like iTunes, or streaming on and BBC America's OnDemand cable channel. For more options, please see

Face the Raven

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