Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Bridge
Season 1, Episode 10 Video :: Clark Gregg on the Fall Finale


"Last night was really exciting, because people got to see, oh, oh, it's all connected."

Have some patience. If you actually take a second to think about it, ten episodes is not long. It's about the perfect amount of time for a season to set the dominoes up, while the second half is dedicated to knocking them down. There are a lot of threads that need a number of episodes to come together, and the mystery can't be revealed all at once. I don't understand people who have no patience and were complaining about seemingly stand-alone episodes almost immediately. If they revealed everything all at once then they really would be stand-alones and have no season- or series-long story arc. Tear yourself away from Twitter for five minutes and pay attention to the details; it's not hard at all. Whedon and Marvel were obviously never going to leave us out in the cold. Fantastic stories take their time. A TV show is different from a movie. They have to spread things out over more than a couple hours. It's a huge difference that allows for more depth of storytelling.

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