I think I went a little overboard lately, buying multiple posters and shirts, magnets, stickers I designed myself, a water bottle, and a mousepad. But with Loki, I can't really get enough. Since season 1 ended, I've spent hours finding items to save to my RedBubble favorites list. Yesterday morning I found myself branching that list into a separate Loki list of favorite Variant artwork that I would love to adorn every inch of my house with, inside and out.

All this after spending hours writing about the series, which I haven't turned into a blog post yet because I keep getting distracted. A couple weeks ago my excuse was getting too busy with my business. This past week I suddenly bought a new adjustable bed frame, after thinking about it for a year, but then I had to rearrange my entire room. Now I'm doing this. Anyway, the lesson here for me is I really should do some timeline Pruning in my own life.

Always Fighting for Love
Season 15, Series Finale

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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins | © CW Network

"You do anything for a long period of time, you kinda feel it when it comes to an end."
—Jensen Ackles

Fifteen years. Wow. Congratulations, Supernatural. I didn't expect I would have time for this, but this is the end. The end of a show I used to think, used to hope, maybe would never end. Fifteen years and somehow it feels both too soon and well earned. Now that, quite surprisingly, Chuck was beaten before the series finale, I'm sitting here in my room one day before it's all over to contemplate life without the Winchesters in it. Or, more accurately, without any new stories featuring them. They'll always be in my life, as SPN is one of my favorite series of all time. I will be rewatching some day.

I Made Some T-Shirts
Yay, Me!

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Tahitee brand Wear a Mask T-Shirt at Amazon
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Tahitee brand Nuff Said T-Shirt at Amazon
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Tahitee brand Better Than Ever T-Shirt at Amazon
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Tahitee brand "Socially Distanced" T-Shirt and Hoodie at Amazon

I finally have some t-shirt designs for sale! I don't think I ever mentioned making t-shirts as a goal of mine. I joined Cafe Press all the way back when the Internet was new-ish to me and Zazzle a few years later. Fast forward a couple decades and I just haven't made a real go of it. I've thought about it so much, as my T-Shirt Obsession Pinterest page can attest to. Those are all other people's designs, though. I only uploaded a couple not so great ones at the beginning to test things out and nothing since. I didn't hone my skills. I didn't spend every day coming up with new ideas. In fact, I pretty much gave up drawing after high school. College and then work and just life got in the way. I haven't even drawn a knife since 2016.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Cast & Creators Say Goodbye
Season 7, Series Finale

Clark Gregg | © ABC Network and Marvel Television

"Seven seasons. Thanks to Coulson Lives. Thanks to the greatest fans in the world. Thank you for going on the ride with us."
—Clark Gregg

Life got way too busy three years ago. I've been behind on tweeting all season and right now I'm trying to finish "Brand New Day" before the finale tonight. So, I have no time to write extensively about how much this show has meant to me these past seven years, the way I wanted to. But you have only to read posts about the first three seasons (and some of the fourth) to know how I feel about it.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Heartbreak and Hope
Season 7 in 3...2...1

Clark Gregg and Elizabeth Henstridge, "The End," 5x22 | © ABC Network and Marvel Television

"Time is not fixed. It’s a fluid, ever-changing, beautiful thing."
—Simmons to Coulson

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been an amazing, fun, often heart-wrenching ride. Coulson Lives Forever and his code name should be Phoenix. Clark Gregg is precious. This cast is irreplaceable. I’ll miss this show so much.

I already wrote one of these “It’s almost here! Can you believe it?” type posts a few weeks ago. But this show meant so much to me that, like the best of the best that have gone before it, I’ll never run out of praise. So here we are. Six lovely seasons behind us. One season ahead that I'm sure will leave us more than satisfied, with a bittersweet ache, jaws on the floor and tears streaming. They've done it before.