Let's Take a Look Inside the Stig Farm


I have a ton of interests.  One of the most amusing of them is Top Gear (the original UK version, but not the old one...you know, the awesome one with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May), so this seems like a perfect first post.  Here's a new video in the off-season: Inside the Stig Farm.  Hilarious as usual.  I like the pink one.

By the way, I picked Season 10 for the link up there, instead of the most recent, because that's the one that has the epic trip to Africa.  If you're gonna start anywhere it may as well be there.  It should turn you into a fan for life.  If you think it's a boring car show, you're wrong.  Yes, there are cars and there is speed, but there are also three dry-witted Brits doing ill-advised stunts, often with spectacularly humorous results.  See a recent example below.


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