Abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans


Found this video through Kim Komando. It certainly is haunting. So eerie and hopeless. Reminiscent of Silent Hill and Zombieland, except this is real.

And the song by Godspeed You Black Emperor is perfect, but the video didn't say which one it is. I'll have to go looking for it.  Found it.  It's Sad Mafioso.  I'll definitely be playing this song at Halloween along with my mainstays: the Saw theme Hello Zepp/Zepp Overature, Ozzy's Mr. Crowley and Diary of a Madman, Judas Priest's A Touch of Evil and Judas is Rising, Lordi's Blood Red Sandman, E Nomine's Die Schwarzen Reiter and Mitternacht, Oomph's Unsere Rettung, Eisheilig's Lucifer, and Diary of Dream's Nekrolog 43.


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