Caprica's Final Five Episodes


Of course we forgot to set the DVR, so we missed the first one.  And now the turd sandwiches at Syfy, in their infinite wisdom, aren't playing it again, only streaming it on their site.  Yay, everyone, let's gather 'round the 15-inch screen of an old laptop and watch a stuttering, laggy version of a great show that was given no chance in this age of if it isn't an immediate hit you better axe it, even though now more than ever there are too many shows to choose from and it takes time for most to grow an audience.  I envision the last four episodes of Caprica taking up space on the DVR for weeks until we both finally watch "Blowback" separately online.

The Syfy people really are starting to disgust me.  Before it was just a mild annoyance that they had hardly anything original to watch, but now it's more like an intense hatred.  And I don't include their original movies; let's just pretend that those don't exist.  There have been quite a few series that I love, but it seems like every time they come up with a new show they get soon rid of an older one...or two.

Obviously I don't know their situation, what they can acquire to air and such, but it's like they actively try to be awful.  They were supposed to be all about science fiction (and a bit of fantasy laced with scifi), at least I assumed so by reading and what I thought was comprehending their name.  I only remember some repeats of Star Trek, Star Trek: TNG (which I think is still currently playing), and a marathon of select episodes of Quantum Leap a few years ago.  I don't recall any movies besides the various Star Treks, though I think there were a few commercials.  I think they might have shown Starship Troopers.  Up next is Star Trek Nemesis and - oh, you've got to be kidding me - another original movie, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

Hey, if I'm lucky, maybe it's just a terrible nightmare where this kind of ten miles below the bottom of the barrel stuff is acceptable, Ghost Hunters isn't a serialized dramedy, and wrestling is considered scifi.  Someone please, please wake me up!

Here is "Blowback," the first of the final five episodes.

If the video no longer works you should be able to find the episodes at Sidereel.


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