The Other Guys


I missed it in theaters.  Got it for Christmas.  Finally got to watch it last night with my family.  Boy were the characters odd (all of them a bit stupid and absurd) but it was definitely hilarious.

Spoiler: The scene where The Rock and Sam Jackson jumped off a building to chase after thieves was my favorite part.  We were all expecting it to go how it did, but didn't expect the results to be so exceedingly funny.  They were arrogant and thought they were invincible.  And so they slo-mo jumped off a 20-storey building, aiming for the bushes!  There were, of course, no bushes in sight.  At the funeral the Other Guys (Ferrell and Wahlberg) were wondering why, even mentioning there wasn't even an awning to fall on to.  We were still laughing about it this morning.


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