MOG is pointless now


It was the first replacement I found for Lala.  Actually, was, but I didn't really like it at the time.  Just needed to get to know it more I guess. has scrobbling - to keep track of and share music you listen to from many different applications and sites - and a way to communicate with people, so that puts it at the top.  Mog used to be good.  It had a personalized page and rudimentary blogging, and it had a large catalogue that you could listen to free for 30 days, then $5 a month after that.  The problem is is slightly cheaper - you can even listen to some songs for free and never subscribe - and it has more features; and Mog ruined the profiles by locking them all into the same plain, boring look that is horrifically organized.  It's terrible now.  Sad, really.

For a while I also tried out Rdio.  There was a week trial, I think, so I didn't get much listening done.  It came the closest to the feel of Lala, but it had almost no community aspect to it, no easy way to talk to each other.  I never thought that would matter to me before Lala, but it just makes it easier to find people who like what you like and share music.

Don't even get me started on Grooveshark or PSonar.  They allow you to upload your music and then ban you from uploading because they say most of what you uploaded isn't allowed.  What they could do is not allow those songs to be uploaded in the first place.  And the interfaces are extremely slow.  I cannot stress enough to stay away from them.  They just wasted my time.

And whatever the crapfest is that Apple bought Lala for (don't remember the name, only went there once to confirm that it really was awful) is barely even worth a mention, except to say stay far away from it.  Hey, maybe it's improved in the last few months.

I haven't been to the above mentioned sites in quite a long time.  So, I guess I'm going to stick with for recommendations and community, and Pandora for finding new music similar to what I already like.  They're both free.  What's better than that?

And since I'll no longer be using Mog, here's my final post.  I'll also probably be transferring most, if not all, of the other posts here.

Another Song I Heard Once Long Ago and Forgot About

It's annoying me that I can't remember where I heard this. Well, a quick search reveals that it could have been Burn After Reading or commercials for Left 4 Dead, House, or Top Gear.


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