The French Mistake
Season 6, Episode 15 Preview


Yay, Supernatural is doing another funny, goofy episode! My favorite kind. This time Jensen and Jared are playing themselves: two actors in a show called Supernatural. I just love that. It's a nice diversion from the heaviness of the scars of Hell. I love the heartbreaking darkness, too, but there's only so much you can take in one season...and the last five years. It can get depressing. Although, knowing this show, it surely won't be all light. Like when Sam went through his own Groundhog Day in Season 3's Mystery Spot and had to watch Dean get killed over and over again. The deaths were oddly hilarious since Dean woke up fine when the day restarted, but it turned dark and serious when Sam confronted the one responsible for his situation.  That's the usual way of things, and it's always a great journey.


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