Only If You Run


I bought Duran Duran's "All You Need Is Now" from Amazon (which I can't wait for and will now get $6 back on because of the pre-order price guarantee, yay!) and got a free MP3.  So I checked my YouTube playlist of Music I Want and found "Only If You Run" by Julian Plenti.  This song was great on the Stargate Universe episode Sabotage.  Never forgot it.  Ah crap, there was also Mads Langer's "Fact-Fiction."  Well, I'm happy because I've wanted the other one for quite a bit longer.  I might just buy it anyway (nope...Amazon doesn't have it), but I usually want to get the entire album from someone that blows me away from out of nowhere, like Mumford & Sons.  And I don't just go downloading everything, because those 99 cent songs can add up really quickly.  Kinda funny that I'm saying that the day after I won an iPad auction at eBay.  It was a 32gb wi-fi only first gen, but that's still a big purchase.


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