Alan Rickman Oscar Petitions


If there hadn't already been petitions out there, I would have started one. I'll be signing every one I find. Alan Rickman has deserved at least a nomination for a number of his memorable roles, but it has never happened, which is sort of bewildering. To me that seems very disrespectful.

This petition by @JoRowlingNet at Twitition, the first one you should sign, says that his performance was breathtaking, and I could not agree more.

These three haven't found much love yet, so please take a few seconds to press some buttons.
// Oscar for Alan Rickman as Severus Snape by @elanaSFB at Twitition.
// Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar for Harry Potter... by @RamonaAdrichem at Twitition.
// Nominate Alan Rickman... at iPetitions. This one allows comments, so of course I had to leave one.

And while you're at it why not like the Facebook page We demand an Oscar to Alan Rickman for his role as Severus Snape?

If you haven't seen the movie yet or read the final book you might want to skip this next bit. In this article and video the director talks about editing Snape's pivotal scene, which reveals the tortured heart he's been hiding.

According to, Daniel Radcliffe said in a press conference that Rickman should be nominated "because it's so touching and beautiful what he does." The same article mentions how genre films are not respected, so a nomination is unlikely, which is sadly spot on. That kind of mindset has never made sense to me. A great film is a great film. Gorgeously moving acting is gorgeously moving acting. It should never matter what type of movie it is. If Alan Rickman isn't nominated for an Oscar this year then neither should anyone else in the movie industry.

Rattlesnakeroot says "Just Give Alan Rickman All the Awards ... NOW." There are quite a few very postitive quotes there from different sources.

And just to remind you of Rickman's quiet power, watch the Malfoy Manor scene (clip 1 and clip 2) from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. Unfortunately, embedding was disabled. In this piece of masterful acting you can see the emotion written on Rickman's face even though he barely moves a muscle. And when he can no longer hold that emotion back in Part 2 it is devastating.

Before you leave, just for fun and to cheer you up, he is also absolutely hilarious in Galaxy Quest. Embedding was disabled (again) for the video I wanted to show, so I give you the following instead. I did have a couple others, but I used them already the other day.

This is one of a number of scenes where Rickman can crack you up with just a look or an action. As Alexander Dane, the contempt he has for his fans constantly spouting his character's catchphrase is palpable.


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