Looking Forward to Some Fright...and Funny


So, Fright Night is finally out, and I'm going to try to get there today. Strangely, all the movie theaters close to me have only a couple showtimes each, far fewer than any movie that I remember, even the awful ones. Why? It seems more like it's the last week rather than the first. I have to see it before it's shunted aside to make way for whatever terrible thing comes next.

Reviews are looking good, especially for the always terrific David Tennant, who was described as nailing his role in this TwitchFilm review. SFGate says Farrell is "sexy and funny and a little bit menacing." And Anglotopia syas that the remake is a gem that "builds at a steady pace to a very satisfying and fun end." Sounds like an ass-kickingly great time to me.

Speaking of horror, The Woman in Black is another one that's looks interesting. It stars Daniel Radcliffe as a lawyer who goes to a deceased client's remote house to settle their affairs. Though, as I said at Anglophenia, I would just quit. I think that might be a lot safer. I already miss Harry Potter, but it will be nice to see Radcliffe in something new. Here's hoping it's also something worth watching.

I can hardly belive that I am actually anxiously awaiting two horror movies right now. I have never cared much for them, unless done really well. I was excited for Saw II because I was interested in the warped psyche of Jigsaw, not the actual torture that I watched through my fingers. The original Saw was so interesting, creepy, and full of dread that I just love it, and the "Zepp Overature" (one of my favorite songs) reveal is still chilling, but this is an anomaly with me. The rest of the movies I wish I could re-edit to be quite a bit less disgusting. I absolutely love comedy horror, though: Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland; and I count Hot Fuzz because it's got a Halloween feel and people die horribly. I still cringe over what happens to Tim Messenger.


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