For Thoughts On Games Go To...


You may have noticed that I only mention talking about TV, movies, people, and maybe a bit of music in my little "about me" on the right over there. "Why no video games?" you may ask. "Do you not play?" Well, yes I do. It just so happens that I started a separate site for them, with the intention that I would update it quite frequently. It actually has been something I wanted to do for about ten years. But I was so swamped with other things that, even though I've been playing, I mostly worked on ideas for this blog, of which I apparently have a lot more. Never start more than one blog at a time; you will regret it.

Look at that, not getting to the point again. Go watch Jeremy Clarkson relaying the specs of Halo's Warthog at Console Life if you're in the mood for some game-related content instead of reading how awesome David Tennant, Alan Rickman, or John Noble are...again.


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