I Want an Air Swimmer


I almost put this on my Christmas list. Don't know how long I'd play with it. Maybe I'd get bored quick, but I think I would love one of these Air Swimmers. Hmm, shark or fish? It costs about as much as an average radio controlled car. Only ever had one of those, until my younger brothers broke it. I also think they lost my yellow lion from the Voltron I still can't find the heart to throw away. In fact, someone needs to get me a nice, expensive collectible metal Voltron as a replacement some day.

While I was looking for t-shirts recently I found them at ThinkGeek for $30, which is $10 off the normal price. Unfortunately, the clownfish is sold out and there is no estimate on when it will be back in stock.


  1. you can also checkout the air swimmer fansite at airswimmersworld for giveaways and tutorials on how to mod them

  2. It's a nice little site. I hope it grows and the Swimmers do very well. Looks like a very fun product.


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