Entertainment Weekly ~ 52 Issues for $10


I just found and used an awesome deal on Entertainment Weekly a few minutes ago. You are buying directly from them, so your account will be updated immediately. It's the best price I've ever found at $10 for a 1-year auto renewal.

I went to their customer service site to get a replacement (again!) for a very damaged issue. While there I noticed that my subscription had lapsed in January. I'd seen this before, but completely forgot about it because they kept coming. Maybe that's why my issues are always late and ruined; they just wanted their money. Nah, I'm kidding. I still blame the Post Office. So, I tried to figure what happened. First stop, my email to see where I'd renewed magazines in the last year. No luck, for some reason, but it's in there somewhere. So I went to Amazon and couldn't find it in my history. Then I went to put it in my Amazon cart and it said I'd already ordered an auto renewal subscription of EW. That led me to the magazine subscription management page which told me there was some sort of error that didn't allow it to be renewed. I was all ready to fork over $25 at this point, because subscriptions just keep getting more expensive for the magazines I used to find great deals on. Good thing I decided do a quick search and not be lazy.


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