In the Wrong Labyrinth ~ $10 Limited Edition T-Shirt



I like Pac-Man. I like Labyrinth. But I'm not a huge fan of either, so I don't necessarily need today's shirt, In the Wrong Labyrinth. I immediately thought of Robert Berg from Rob Will Review, though, who had recently tweeted about watching it on Blu-ray. By the way, I found that tweet with SnapBird, which let's you search far back into specific users' timelines, favorites, mentions, and messages instead of all of Twitter.

You have just under 9 hours to get this shirt for $10, with shipping starting at $2.50. Tomorrow it will be replaced with something new. Also available on a hoodie, onesie, and children's sizes.


  1. Did you sell it?

  2. No, I didn't, but this guy did. Unfortunately, it looks like he's no longer selling it.


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