A Day in the Life of Me...for Some Reason


My cousin's wedding was yesterday. It was perfect. Ceremony was short and sweet, the food was good (chocolate-covered pineapple, where have you been all my life?), open bar, family time, great conversations, lots of laughter, especially after a few drinks, musical variety from powerful $3,000 DJ speakers, people dancing ridiculously with glow sticks wrapped around them (I was one of those people), and somehow I always seem to go home with the center piece. Left the reception a little before 11:00 and got home after 1:00. A bit tired now but I'm off to put the finishing touches on my brother's living room, because he got sick of painting.

    Car ride heart-stoppers:
      1. Emergency sirens in the background of a song.

      2. The driver hitting the brakes hard while you're falling asleep.

      3. Massachusetts roads. Alarmingly pothole-y and incredibly poorly designed. We normally don't have to deal with anything as stupid as a five-road intersection/half rotary with just yield signs. I knew this already because we have family there, but you forget when your eyes are involuntarily closing.

      4. I don't know, because 1, 2, and 3 were the only ones that happened yesterday.

Listened to my iPod in the car, as often happens when I'm not the driver, just in case you were dying to know. No one planned ahead and remembered to bring music we could all listen to (we also forgot pillows!), so it was mostly blech radio all the way, except for when they played AC/DC and Ozzy, both of which always bring up fond memories of Iron Man (and now I'm thinking of the incredible, hilarious, and poignant spectacle that was The Avengers), and some miscellaneous '80s greatness. While I was listening to "Hold Back the Rain," the radio started playing "I Can See Clearly Now" (...the rain is gone). We were hoping for "Set Fire to the Rain" next. Nope, no fires were set.

At the end of the day, back in the car on the way home, I was nodding off to Disturbed. That's never happened before.

So, I switched to the always funny and informative Sessler's Soapbox. Wow, I haven't watched one on the iPod in a while. The last episode was from 2010! It doesn't matter, though, because Adam is great.

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