Stuff 'N' a Bun Opening Tomorrow


Stuff 'N' a Bun is opening tomorrow, May 5, in Windsor Locks, CT now closed. Thank you to the loyal customers who came and loved the food. I am certainly going to try a few of their recipes for myself.


My dad had wanted to open a restaurant for a long time and two deals were pulled out from under us in the last two years. The cash being depleted by those experiences, he gave up on the dream until my uncle, a Red Sox cameraman who was sick of his job, came to him a couple months ago with the idea of going in on a food truck together. So, Our Family Diner was reborn as Stuff 'N' a Bun, which was the original name my dad came up with years ago when he was first thinking about this. Actually it was Stuff in a Bun and it's Stuff On a Bun on Facebook, so it fits either one...and Stuff and a Bun, and Stuffing a Bun, sort of.

They've been working tirelessly every day to get it ready. We had the trial run today, a nice family-and-friends get together with beautiful weaher, to see if everything was working properly and we're good to go. There will be a variety of hamburgers and hotdogs (and many things that go in a bun!) for reasonable prices. The menu will be limited at first while they get used to this new venture, but there are many delicious things to come, such as Philly Cheesesteak. A good cheesesteak is a rarity in these parts for some reason.

You'll find us on Route 75 by Bradley International Airport, Monday through Saturday, 6am to 2pm. If you've just stepped off the plane and don't feel satisfied with the airline food, stop on by and give us a try. And check us out on Facebook.


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