Unexpected Purchases


Went shopping for my dad's birthday today. I was going to go to Costco, but the books he wanted weren't there anymore, so the only other real choice we have is Barnes & Noble. I love the store but don't buy much there since most things are too expensive, except for the brand-new books. Anyway, my "ooh, shiny" syndrome acted up when I passed by The Wind Through the Keyhole.

PhotobucketExcited to start it, but I recently started 11/22/63. Gonna be a little while.

I wasn't planning on buying it today, though King is my favorite author, but at 40% off I couldn't resist. Plus, it didn't feel right leaving without it since I had on my new Dark Tower t-shirt.

I also found Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales & Poems. Poe was my first favorite author. I never read all of his works because I always passed up the pretty editions with the high price tags. This was a nice bargain one to replace the one I "borrowed" from my high school library back in '97. Don't worry, I had to pay for the "lost book."

PhotobucketOoohhh! Aaahhh! Nice. Pretty.

PhotobucketMy nice little Poe poetry book alongside the beat to shit short story book from high school 15 years ago. Why is Voltron involved? Because he was sitting on top of them on the bookshelf. Why is he missing a leg? I don't know and I'm still pissed about that.

PhotobucketWhen I said "beat to shit" I meant it.

PhotobucketOne more in case that last one didn't get the point across.

Sadly, I have no affiliate links for the books I bought today. Barnes & Noble doesn't like me and Amazon doesn't like my state. You'll just have to find them yourself.


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