Hiddleston's Songs of the Day (15)


An ordeal doesn't begin to describe it. I gave up on doing much of anything today. It's almost dinner time. I started at breakfast. Snapbird just kept giving me more and more...and more...results. It finally stopped at October 16, 2011.

A few of my own recommendations are sprinkled throughout. Alrighty then, let's get to it.

I liked Tom Hiddleston in Thor, which I must watch again in order to more appreciate the first iteration of Loki, but I relished that suave manner and evil grin in The Avengers, even though he does a certain horrible thing to a certain beloved character. I didn't see War Horse, because I always avoid movies with animals as main characters. Do they ever not break your heart? And anything else he was in before that was until recently unknown to me. But he was just terrific in The Avengers and surely will be in any future projects, so I followed him on Twitter and found his song of the day tweets. How fun. I love his selections and I think he should be creating a top ten for Sam Neill's TwoPaddocks.

June 20 to June 24, 2012

Only three Hiddleston selections here. That's just how it ended up.

My Little Bonus(es) //

Forgot to mix these in and now that's an impossible task.

Thinking of Hiddleston because he's mentioned running and it seems to match his musical taste.

Needtobreathe also seems to sort of fit with the lyrics "Show me your fire. Show me your heart."

In order from newest to oldest, because it would be too much work to switch them around now.


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