Losing My Mind


What the crap happened to my copy of Martin Page's "In the Temple of the Muse"? I waited more than a decade for it and didn't know it existed for two years after it was released. After that long I didn't imagine there would actually be another. I only listened to a few songs. I always do that. Music I want stacks up and then I'll get four albums at once. Then one really grabs me and I have to listen over and over and forget that I bought others.

So, I woke up thinking about "...Muse" for some reason last Friday and thought I would play it in the car while shopping, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe in one of the cars? If it is then it's been there for months. I ended up going with U2 and Florence + The Machine instead of my usual German rock, Darren Hayes, DMB, or BSB. Going to have to make a copy from my computer then go cuckoo bananas looking for it.

Okay, it's a new day. Just decided to check the shelf I thought I put it on, the shelf I already checked three times. It's there. WTF?! The same thing happened before to Team America World Police. It just disappeared, only to reappear later. Three people searched the same area multiple times and somehow never saw it. Or the Underpants Gnomes have expanded their business, which reminds me of Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle when he started doing little things to Lois to make her think she was going crazy.


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