Hiddleston's Many Playlists


The last three weekends I went through all of my music, deleting the doubles and triples...and quadruples! I put everything on a new, larger drive a while ago, but I actually think I copied them over instead of moving them. Probably paranoid that my computer would massively screw up. Wouldn't be the fiftieth time. At the same time, I decided to fix old CDs that were too scratched to play right and somehow never made it to the computer. (Thank you, Disc Doctor.) As I'm trying to do all that, I was also playing with a new blog template, getting things ready for eBay, and creating too many playlists with the songs Tom Hiddleston has been tweeting since October, 2011. If you don't know who he is, you have missed a couple big movies.

Yes, I spent a damn long time on these. Appreciate it. ;P

And if you use none of these, just stay here for the most complete of the lists. The other sites were all missing a song...or four.

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