A Monstrosity in a Tiny Room



From Friday until Tuesday morning - except for a while on Saturday when I was taking a break for dinner and The Dark Knight Rises, where Michael Caine made me cry - I was searching. Searching for a mattress. I got this one. Searching for a desk. I got this one. Searching for a new computer. Didn't get one yet, but watching a ton of stuff on eBay, hoping for a deal that only I notice, and pricing the shit out of parts on Amazon and NewEgg.

All of those days I was up until the wee hours of the morning, just obsessing over not being able to find the right thing. Too many choices of bed. Too few choices of desk. Only two desks out of thousands fit my set up, room size, budget, and were aesthetically pleasing. I took a chance on the one that has less storage space. That means I'm going to have to get rid of a bunch of stuff, clean like there's no tomorrow, and be creative. Also, I should find some nice boxes at Target or Staples to hold my ridiculous mess.

Both the mattress and the desk arrived at the same time yesterday, after less than a week, from different companies on the same FedEx truck. And yet my books, The Art of Marvel's The Avengers and The Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy, still haven't shipped. Not annoyed by that at all, just confused.

My bed has been killing me for years. My desk is a monstrosity in a tiny room. And I've been fighting with my PC for the last four years out of eight. And to think I just cleared it last week of some useless things, got a new antivirus, and was planning on another fresh XP reinstall after a thorough case cleaning. I loved it when it was new. It was fast and pretty, not bogged down by hundreds of half working programs and the mess of ads and flash and interactivity everyone has on their sites now. It's been getting too hard to work with. I'm sick of XP, though I may keep it to save money, at least for now. I'm sick of not having power, of having to fix it constantly, and of not being able to play anything new. Half the time I'm on here I'm waiting for it to do something. I need my computer for work and for the last year it's just been very hard to deal with. I have less and less time to devote to keeping it running. This Tuesday was the last straw when it crashed minutes before my deadline, after having delayed me all day.

Still, I'll be sad to see it go, but I may just do an upgrade, since people on eBay seem to be way overpricing their two-year-old PCs. For me, it's still a big chunk of change to start with, because it's so old I need at least a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM. But I don't have to immediately replace everything, and other parts I'll use until they blow up, like my last power supply. Really, it sparked in my half awake face when I turned it on one morning. That was awesome. :(

Anyway, I like the idea of my own Frankenstein's monster computer. Ooh, I wish I could give it a new paint job to match. And YAY for finding money in an account that I haven't checked in a while that I specifically opened for saving for a new computer.

At the same time as all that, I was trying to finish my letter to the Fringe cast that I'd procrastinated on since early June. It was 4 AM before I was done. It was due that day and I had to work, so it had to be done then. I get sick if I go to bed so late, but at least I cleared my mind of a bit of clutter. I also put an Otterbox Defender case up on eBay, and on Thursday last week I decided to finish ripping up the carpet in my room I'd started on in the winter. Everything that was under heavy furniture I left alone. It's a very hard thing to do when your room is small and you keep almost everything inside while moving the whole mess around so as not to clutter the hallway.

Yeah, it was a damn busy five days, and today I'm unpacking my mattress and setting up my desk. Possibly I'll only get to moving the contents of my monstrosity into buckets, dismantling said monstrosity, and removing the last bit of carpet before I lose interest and take a video game break. But it'll definitely be done by Monday. Can't wait to see what that looks like.


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