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I can't believe this is only the third weapon I completed with my drawing apps. It takes a while when I have to do a design or I decide it could use a background, usually because each app is missing something I need and they don't work well together. This one seemed like it would be easier than the other two, but iDraw kept getting bogged down with all the individual shapes. Near the end it was crashing...a lot. Good thing I did this in iDraw, though, because InkPad wouldn't have been able to handle half of the load.

Not sure about the handle "heart" pattern. It was a complete accident. I was moving individual diamonds and grouped them when I had a good amount, so I could copy, paste, and move a bunch at once and save a lot of time and frustration. The shape just happened, so I decided to go with it. I'm also not enamored with the color, but there was nothing else that fit very well. I would have loved to do a background of some sort, but there just isn't enough time to do so for all of them.

Okay...never had this problem with InkPad. Remember how I just said there was no background? I had to put a plain grey, blah background because when I save without one and then upload to Photobucket there is a white background. No setting in iDraw changes this and I'm mobile right now, so I can't see if Photobucket has anything I can change.

Fixed it! The problem was with getting the pics from the the mobile drawing apps to Photobucket. I guess because I had to save them to my iPad's "Photos" first. If I email them to myself, download them on my PC, and then upload to Photobucket the backgrounds stay transparent. Wow, how annoying. At least it's easier now that my computer is upgraded and oh so much faster.

Since this is all taking so long, I'm thinking I might just start posting my hand drawn weapons on the blog I created (and just about immediately abandoned) a couple years ago for just this thing. At least they will be up and eventually some of them will be turned into vector drawings.

Original, drawn October 6, 2007.

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