Sweet Zombie-Killing Dreams


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Wow. It just takes me way too long to complete things sometimes. I can only blame myself...and others when I'm in a mood. My attention is split between a dozen things at any one time. I outlined this one months ago, but then I moved on to many different projects when I got bored or busy. This is the second weapon I've digitally finished, though it's the first one I started. And I have tons more that I'm sure I'll never get to. When it finally came together, it took three days just to shade in Art Studio and get it to look right in InkPad. I have the same problem every time. Still trying to get the hang of making them play nice.

Original, drawn in 2007. Inspired by The Village. See the teeth? The claws on the "creatures" turned into those and, of course, there's a lot of red. Could also be used to dispatch zombies, I think.

Hmm, interesting. I just randomly woke up after a few hours sleep. Apparently my TV never shut off after Psych and I saw a set of 200 knives (the Avalanche of Cutlery) for sale. The guy pointed out one that he referred to as a "zombie piece right there." Alrighty, back to bed. Hopefully, all this talk of zombies won't bring them into my dreams. Last time that happened they had vampire speed. *shudder*

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