More Praise for Peter Dinklage


SPOILERS follow for those who haven't reached the end of season 2 or read A Clash of Kings

I finally finished the second season of Game of Thrones. Yay, me! I had to keep putting off the last two episodes. There was always something else to do, some other show I didn't want to get behind on. I was probably just nervous about how it would turn out. I've done that before. Didn't see the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer until early this year, when Chiller was playing it every morning, though the tape was still in my room...waiting.

I'm glad I didn't wait any longer for Game of Thrones. During the finale I realized that I would be happy watching Peter Dinklage just acting from a bed...the way Ellen did on The Ellen Degeneres Show when she hurt her back. ;) I knew he was something special when I first saw The Station Agent, a movie where almost nothing happens but which I love, because Dinklage is compelling. Even though I'd seen only the one movie, I was excited when Threshold premiered in 2005, having read that he was in it. Unfortunately, that was cancelled too early. Thankfully, he stuck around. I've loved watching Tyrion manipulate his way throughout Game of Thrones and do it all with a grin and a twinkle in his eye. Dinklage is just mesmerizing. He's certainly deserving of many awards.

I'm so happy I didn't read ahead this time. I had the books for years and my brother kept telling me to read them. I finally got around to it only as the first season was starting. I kept just a few chapters ahead of the show the entire time. That really wasn't the way to do it since that leaves no surprises. It was certainly a surprise when Tyrion was slashed across the face in the ninth episode. I audibly gasped and then I thought, "Well, of course." Then in the next episode I was elated he survived. Since my favorite characters always die I just assumed that the wound went far deeper. And when Tyrion realized that Shae actually loves him, Dinklage brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to hold him. He was perfect in that moment, so vulnerable. There is no doubt he's one of the top actors, in the company of my other favorites John Noble, David Tennant, and Robert Downey, Jr., among a few others. These men effortlessly sell every heartbreaking, funny, or terrifying moment, and I would watch them in anything.

If you haven't experienced the show and Dinklage's brilliance yet, why did you keep reading? I told you there was a spoiler. Well, I guess the only thing for you to do now is buy season one...or browse around...or leave. Just sayin'. You've got options.

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