John Noble in Friend


Fringe may be over, but that doesn't mean this blog is, too. I remember a time where I didn't exclusively talk about just one show. That only happened because it was the end and every waking moment I was thinking about it. Now I hope to share news once in a while about new projects in which the good people of Fringe are involved.

Joel Wyman is working on an android-human buddy cop show for J.J. Abrams, but everyone should know that by now. There's been no word for the last month, so I assume he's quite busy. And something that just came up this week is the incomparable John Noble in a short film called Friend. I'd heard about it a while ago and had no idea what it would be. I'm happy to finally see at least a bit of it. Ari Margolis, the wonderful editor of many, many Fringe videos, cut the teaser, which shows that, though he isn't playing Walter Bishop anymore, Noble hasn't lost any of his magic. This looks quite good.


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