Maybe This Time


Walking down the rail
a horn bellows in the night

A low rumbling in the distance
pulls the darkness closer

Thinking about the ease of it
wishing things were different

Screeching of metal on metal
breaks through the haze of indecision

A rush of wind as it passes by
clears the mind

not tonight.

Just because this came to me out of the blue and I haven’t written anything in years besides a zombie haiku. Miranda Doerfler (@docsaico) seemed to like this and said I should share. One must never ignore the Doc. ;) I was going to draw something to go along with it, but if I waited any longer it would never get done. By the way, that zombie haiku, along with many others, can be found in Haiku of the Living Dead. While you're browsing Amazon, I would enthusiastically suggest checking out Miranda's Dead Inside.


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