I Was Made to Feel


For the longest time, Almost Human - formerly InHuman and then Human - was the only new show that seemed interesting or exciting for the 2013-2014 TV season lineup. (Now I'd also like to give Sleepy Hollow a chance.) I was anticipating it since sometime late last year when Joel Wyman mentioned it, long before filming started. I've never been so invested in something at such an early stage. It's a strange feeling that social media can remove a barrier like that between us and the entertainment we love.

A couple days ago, fans of Joel Wyman, JJ Abrams, and Bad Robot were on the edge of their seats hoping for good news and we got it. And yesterday Fox released a trailer AND a behind-the-scenes look! The trailer, edited by super promo guy Bart Montgomery, was even better than I'd hoped. The main characters had great chemistry: Kennex, the human with synthetic parts, being the broken, brooding one and Dorian, the android with human qualities, being the funny, relatable one. I fell in love with these two characters immediately. Knowing Wyman, viewers can expect plenty of backstory, satisfying relationships, humor, heart, and excitement. Maybe there is even room for some overarching mythology that ties everything together into one epic story at some point in the future, moving it beyond a procedural and more into the procedural/serial hybrid area. Or maybe not, but no matter the formula, it will be well worth the time. So here's a first look at your next TV obsession. 

The Almost Human original trailer was deleted from Fox's channel because of a copyright claim on the music. This one is the same with a different song in the last minute.

A couple times now I've seen comments saying Almost Human looks like Continuum. This is apparently someone who just wants to get people to respond, so I won't. I'll tell you, though, that so far all they have in common are cops and sci-fi, because Continuum is about time travel from the future to the present and Almost Human is about a future with androids.


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