I Want to Try a Krush 200 WPM Keyboard


A couple weeks ago I was looking for a new keyboard. My current one is fine. It's easy enough to type on and looks good. Best of all, it wasn't expensive. But I type for a living and the last five years have messed up my wrists to the point that my productivity has gone down to less than half of what it used to be instead of the increase in efficiency that I had hoped when I started. I tried a ridiculous-looking ergonomic that had vertical keys and mirrors(!). That was a disaster as I could not get used to it. I sold that one. Good thing I had won it in a workplace contest and hadn't spent a penny. I used to use a Microsoft natural years ago. It was comfortable, but I never reached my regular typing speed. I have decided to try one again. My wrists are fine now that I've taken on far less work and I use a combination of flimsy typing gloves (looking for replacements) and wrist braces (uncomfortable). Still, one needs to make money for things like food and shoes. So, though I'll never be able to reach 75 WPM or more on a natural keyboard, at least it will keep the carpel tunnel at bay.

But in my search I came across something completely different, a keyboard with a new, possibly more efficient layout. I would love to try this thing, but it doesn't exist yet, and it may never. It's the Krush 200 WPM Keyboard, brainchild of Dr. Joseph Krush. There are only 43 days left in his FundaGeek project and he needs to reach $9,000. I hope he gets there. If he doesn't then I hope he tries again.


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