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Deadlines, deadlines everywhere. I already had one daily from my job. Then I imposed them on myself for things like timely, and quite untimely, thoughts on series episodes in the form of this blog. I added designing weapons at some point last year. I had been drawing them since '99, but only relatively recently started turning them into vectors. I have three other blogs to update, which I have been neglecting, though I have dozens upon dozens of unfinished posts and keep jotting down ideas. I am also waiting to take the test for Leapforce; need a few extra bucks in my pocket. And a couple weeks ago I signed up for both crowdSPRING and 99Designs to enter design and company/product naming projects. Certainly won't get rich that way competing against so many others and in such a short timeframe, but it's fun and at least I end up with logos and names I can possibly sell or use at some point. It also certainly helps with improving my skills and proves to myself that I can come up with and complete a concept in a very short timeframe. Here's one I liked from my first small batch. Not currently for sale anywhere, if you wondered. I'm going to play around with it. 

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I also want to start drawing again, like I did when I was in high school. Wonder how I'll fit that in. In the meantime, below is the lastest weapon I meant to post, and Talon and Stalker are two others that I missed. Following this at some point should be my thoughts on Warm Bodies, which I should have finished two weeks ago.

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