Exclusivity is F*&king Annoying, Part 4


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The following three songs are from the Japanese Tour Edition of Never Gone, which came out after I gave up on holding out for one with extra tracks. I just found another version of Never Gone, and it seems to have a bonus video disc with another song I've never heard, "Last Night You Saved My Life." But I can't be sure about it, because it's only available from the marketplace.

And finally, "Drowning," which I already mentioned in the first part. There is a another video for this song called The Wet Version.

Of course, there are also unreleased songs out there. I haven't heard many of them, because (a) no one told me and (b) I'm just too lazy. I have already taken way too much time on this. Good thing I don't have work today. Luckily for us, another fan was awesome enough to make a YouTube playlist.


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