Heisen Van Gogh


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There's just something about the Van Gogh shirts lately. Starry Night's Watch, Starry Flight, and Fiery Night (still available) have all been fantastic. I really wanted Starry Flight, but I missed the email. Really, I wanted them all and Heisen Van Gogh is no exception. Sad that I don't have a Breaking Bad shirt yet. But since the show is ending in seven more episodes, I think I'll wait to see if the end is satisfying. I wouldn't want to buy a shirt I'm all excited for and then be disappointed and never wear it again after a few weeks. I wish this one came out after the finale...or years ago.

Why no love for Game of Chemistry? It's good, but the other one is gorgeous. Also, unfortunately, I'm a whole season behind on Game of Thrones. It requires having time to watch and subscribing to HBO again, and we just never got to it this year. Don't worry. I'll get to GoT again. Peter Dinklage is an incredible actor, so there's no way I could stop watching. Just had to take a little break.

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