Yes, I Love BSB


Why?! Why do I EVER read YouTube comments? Oops. Well, now I have another rant to let loose on readers.

There are those who have great voices, those who can write, those who have talent with an instrument, and those lucky few who can do everything. So because someone can sing but they're not a born lyricist, they should not be liked? That's a sad way to think. What Backstreet Boys fans gravitated toward first were great harmonies, and it didn't hurt that they were adorable. They also weren't five random strangers cobbled together, which is what everyone thinks about every boy band. They already clicked and the opportunity to audition came along later. Since then they ditched their scheming manager, have all learned instruments, and collaborated on songs. Plus four have had solo albums, where they had more lyrical input. Now that they are no longer kids, they have control, so accusing them of being nothing but manufactured is quite silly.

However the music gets here really is not as important as the fans connecting with it, and we sure have...for 20 years! I have no doubt Brian, Nick, Howie, AJ, and Kevin will be around for a lot longer, but that in no way should threaten anyone else's musical choices. So, trolls, get over yourselves, realize that people have different opinions, different things that appeal to them because of their experiences, and go listen to your own music. I promise, I won't follow you around and arrogantly bitch about your favorites. Hey, I might even love your favorites, because I am not bound to one group, one sound, one mood.

Concert Review: The Backstreet Boys Still Have a Place "In a World Like This"

If you would like to see why I love BSB or you need to add to your collection, please click the Amazon slideshow below. Just so you know, tour editions always have extra songs. I am now five songs short (International Luv, On Without You, In Your Arms, Take Care, and Hot, Hot, Hot) because the last two special editions were not available before I made my purchase. Somehow I couldn't find the deluxe In a World Like This before I bought it from GroundCtrl. That's okay, though, since I am also getting a poster and lyric sheet with it. Sadly, the MP3 are not available on iTunes or Amazon. Guess I'll have to save them to my YouTube playlist. Oh, well, one day I will gather up the money to re-purchase the albums I already own and get those last few songs.


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