Tyler Ward, Rising Star


I've been dragging my feet (my ears?) on listening to Tyler Ward covers. Not for any reason other than I have had a lot to do, and I've been finding new favorites, like Bastille, and listening to an unbelievable amount of unreleased Backstreet Boys lately. But I follow Tyler on Twitter. There was a reason I did that, so I'm rediscovering him right now. Wish I hadn't let this one get away for so long.

A beautiful original. Actually, there are quite a few. He's not just a voice. He can write, too. If that's something that's super important to you.

One of my favorite songs because of this Fringe fan video. Yes, I can make any post about Fringe. Sorry... No, wait, I'm not sorry. Go watch it if you haven't.

I first heard Tyler in the Piano Guys video for "Titanium" and had to know who he was. His voice is fantastic.


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