Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Clark Gregg on The Chew
Video Interview


Did you miss Clark Gregg on The Chew yesterday? I almost did. I had no idea. forgot to tell me. (Give them a break. They're new.) It's okay, because I turned it on after a minute anyway. It's okay for you, too, because ABC gets shows up pretty quickly. So here are the two clips that we care about.

My favorite highlights for those who have no time to watch:

Celebrity Egg Timer -
Michael: "Most irrational fear." Clark: "Okay, you know when the plane lands and it's just slowly driving to the thing? I feel like I'm gonna die. Between the time - after it's landed and before they let me out, I'm just - that's when I get claustrophobia really bad. Just those five minutes."

Clinton: "Who said 'I love you' first? You or your wife?" Clark: "I'm gonna go with me. Just because I was really into her right away, and she needed some convincing." And everyone says "aww" at that point, including me.

Some bonus videos that you may not have seen if you get distracted by cats on YouTube or don't stay up for late night shows. I missed the GMA one.

"He is the backbone of the show." And the heart of the show. Probably the liver and the spleen of the show, too. Not to take away anything from the other members of the team or the actors themselves, but I haven't gotten to know them yet. Coulson is why I'm there.

"See, you think it's funny, and then a spear is gonna appear through your chest."

"Comic-Con's a beautiful event for me. And I didn't go the year of The Avengers because I knew, and it was true, there was a lot of Agent Coulsons walking around with spears through their chests. I found that upsetting. But I'll be excited to go this year, because the back to life Agent Coulson can be represented."


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