Almost Human is Here


Almost Human premieres tonight at 8PM eastern before moving to its regular time on Monday. Finally! I've known about this show for what seems like forever now. I think it's been a year. It's a futuristic cop show about officers being paired with androids. One of these androids is special and his partner is a broken man with his own synthetic body parts that he is rejecting. I'm happy, excited...and nervous. I know it will be good, maybe great, but I have no idea how it will be received. The show was created by Fringe showrunner Joel Wyman, a really good guy with interesting ideas who can build an emotional storyline. I hope it does well for his sake. If you're a Fringie, pay attention to the easter eggs in the crawls in the latest promos. Fox disabled embedding for some reason. Guess they don't want people to share and get others interested in watching. Ugh.


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