Goodbye, Psych


Well, I missed this announcement yesterday. I was avoiding spoilers (i.e. Twitter) since this season I haven't been able to watch Psych until the next night after airing. Such a sad day, but not a surprise. I was hoping for at least another season, but when I heard last year that Maggie Lawson was cast in Back in the Game, I got scared. Then recently Tim Omundson was cast in Galavant and I was sure. But instead of being uselessly angry, I'll remember that all things end...some undeservedly far sooner than others. I am so happy that Psych made it for eight seasons. It has been consistently hilarious with all the silly pop culture references and the wonderful homages, such as Clue ("100 Clues") and The Shining ("Heeeeere's Lassie"). I will miss this lovely cast, the well-developed characters, and the inspired guest stars, particularly Cary Elwes as Despereaux, the greatest and most entertaining art thief ever. I will miss the episodes that still could have been written. Goodbye, Psych. You always made the good times great and the bad times better.

Just to cheer you up a little bit...


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