Finally Getting a New Chair


I don't like this time of year, even though it brings around my birthday at the end of February, because I have to renew magazine subscriptions at the same time, which can get expensive. I'm good with Game Informer - got that paid up until November, I think - but Entertainment Weekly, Blade Magazine, and EGM Now are about to expire. There are never any deals for EGM or Blade, and I wasn't even going to bother looking for one for EW since they haven't had a deal for a long time.

But why the heck am I up past 12AM looking at magazines that can wait until another day? It has to do with chairs. I've been comparing hundreds of desk chairs lately, specifically hoping to get a reclining one because my combination of chair and work is trying to kill me. So I need a chair that has the right seat dimensions to be comfortable, the right minimum height so my feet can touch the floor (I'm only 5' 4" and that's being generous), a high enough back to rest my head sometimes during 8-hour days, and arm height/chair height low enough to fit under the desk. It was ludicrous how many chairs didn't fit my needs while also being stupid expensive. And I didn't even bother physically going to stores, because every time I've been to Staples, Office Depot, or Best Buy in the past, there was nothing half-way decent. I also checked Costco and found one I really wanted, but suddenly it's sold out and no longer even being listed.

I've been whittling down the candidates for the last three weeks and I thought it would be at least another before I made a decision. But today I actually had it narrowed to half a dozen, only three of which I really liked. Those were the Serta Air Health & Wellness, the Viva Office High Back Black and White, and the Viva Office Napping Chair. The Serta was no longer being sold at a number of places and had only a few reviews that were star ratings only without pros and cons, and the beautiful Black and White is too new for anyone to have shared their opinion yet, so I was somewhat wary of them. Then just before bed I checked the Amazon page of the recliner and saw that the name had changed to include a note that it was going to be $299 on March 11. After that it goes back to $339. Perfect! This is the chair I really want, the one that people seem to love, so I stayed up an extra hour.

You know what that means, and so did I, but I had to be sure anyway. Of course, the price didn't change at midnight. It would be insane to stay up to an undetermined time just to possibly get one of the free gifts for the first ten customers. So I'll go to bed and hope they still have enough of the chair to at least make it through the next eight hours. While I was waiting I used the deal I found the other day for Entertainment Weekly. I love that magazine and deals are few and far between lately. Strangely, it was right on the site's front page for once. The "Subscribe to EW" link at shows both a 1-year subscription for $25 and a 2-year for $34. I don't know if it changed, but the 2-year deal was not available to renew when I last checked my account. It might be available only with the auto renewal, which this is. It was also not through my account, so I might end up with double issues for a few weeks. (Edit: Nope, we're good. They realized.)

Come on, people! I need this chair. I also have "All This Bad Blood" by Bastille waiting in my cart. I bought "Bad Blood" before, but this is a double CD with a bunch of songs that weren't on the original release. Some of them I've heard, but I love Bastille and have been trying not to spoil myself by listening to them all online before I buy it. Yes, I still buy CDs. I like to actually own my favorite things.

Ugh. I give up. I have a lot of work today. Hope I don't forget about the chair when I wake up.

Edit: It's morning and the chair is finally on sale. Yay! I'm also getting the 5-year protection plan, which I may not have had I ordered it when it wasn't on sale, because that's an extra $22. Also, I had a gift card for my birthday. So I'm ordering the Viva Office reclining chair now, along with Bastille, Blade (1-year) [Print + Kindle] , a favorite as any reader who's been here before and to my other blog, ShinyDangerousThings, should know; Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pens, Fine Point, 3-Pack, Black Ink (31556) (love these!); and a Pilot friction eraser light blue, since the eraser on the pens do get gunky after a time and don't erase as cleanly. Darn it, I forgot to check for German music. I know I'm missing some Unheilig. But Amazon probably doesn't have them anyway, as usual. Have to check and IsoTank.


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