Almost Human Deserves a Second Chance



It's April already and the fate of Almost Human still hasn't been decided. I had no idea what I was going to say about that. I've been keeping quiet because I've been so busy with various deadlines, and I sincerely thought I was out of words. I've been getting tired of not knowing, tired of most shows I love getting the axe before proving themselves. But I read the latest Almost Human Task Force post about having a tweet out this Saturday at 8:00 PM EST, during what was supposed to be a repeat of "Straw Man," urging Fox to tell us so that we can either finally breathe a sigh of relief or say goodbye to this intriguing series that didn't get a full season to prove itself. Suddenly I had thoughts pouring out. I barely had to edit it, they came out so perfectly. This only happens when I'm trying to get to sleep, she says grumpily. At least now I know how I want the beginning to end, with a polite plea...

Dear Fox Executives,

Fringe may not have been the huge hit Fox had hoped for in the beginning, but there is no denying that, when it was given the chance, it was a brilliantly done piece of sci-fi drama that was emotionally deeper than almost any series. Being from the same passionate people, specifically Joel Wyman, I'm positive Almost Human can reach similar heights. Just like most genre shows, which admittedly appeal to a much smaller group than the mediocre, easy to follow formula that pervades television, Almost Human needs time to grow, to develop its back story, which already introduced a few intriguing mysteries. Certainly not every series can be a hit out of the gate. There are a lot of factors at play, and true quality should count for a lot more and be praised.

Of course, I don't have knowledge of what happens behind the scenes. I'm sure you get flak all the time, because even the worst show has fans, so I wouldn't want to add stress or presume that your only consideration is money. But it didn't seem like Almost Human had very much support. Like Fringe, I never felt it had a fair shot or the advertising behind it. Like Firefly, the episodes seemed disjointed because they were aired out of order, which I'm sure put off those who didn't know what was happening, only that it didn't make sense in terms of continuity. And starting so late in the season, after everyone's TV schedules are filled to capacity, could not have helped. This instills no confidence in viewers, who then decide to wait and see if a show will be picked up for a second season before spending their time and tears on it.

Almost Human is one of those shows that people should get a chance to discover. There is no shortage of memorable moments, and Michael Ealy and Keith Urban were really made to play opposite each other, their characters so funny and charming in their own ways and each possessing a good deal of the ever important heart that a good show uses to become great. There is so much untapped potential here, so many stories to tell, so many funny lines to deepen our bond. This show inspired action by its fans before it even existed and we have been let down too many times in the past. We know what you did for us with Fringe, taking on a monetary burden to finish a story that a small but enthusiastic audience was yearning for. Please prove that wasn't a one-time fluke. If Almost Human is given the chance it deserves then we will know Fox is committed to cultivating loyalty and excellent television, and the current fans will redouble our efforts to bring in new blood.

Erin Bates


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