Darkness Takes Hold
Season 11 Preview Trailer


This trailer for the premiere of Supernatural season 11 reminds me of the ad for Two Minutes to Midnight, the season 5 penultimate episode, which featured the song "O Death." It was so creepy and portentous that I watched over and over, and I count it among my favorite things. This isn't quite so heavy since it was underscored with the humor that they do so well to lighten the very dark mood, but I still think I'll be watching it a few dozen times before the premiere on October 7.

Remembering even a fraction of everything that's happened over the years, one might think they couldn't possibly go bigger, badder and darker. Looks like one would be wrong. The Darkness is a Smoke Monster-esque, intangible juggernaut that left my jaw dropped at the end of last season. Poor Sam, Dean and Castiel. Every victory is followed by defeat. They hardly ever get a break for long...and I love it. But it's not only heartbreak; fun and humor are a huge part of the formula that keeps me coming back.

One thing before I go. You may not hear from me in my Supernatural fangirling mode for a while, since I also have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Blacklist, Doctor Who and t-shirt obsessions to take care of, so I wish you all a great time with season 11. Can you believe it's been on so long already? I really can't. I watched that pilot episode all the way back then just because I saw a magazine ad with two cute, dangerous-looking guys standing in the night, one of them holding a bad-ass blade.

That one right there to the left that became the DVD/Blu-ray cover for the first season. The blade was the real attraction for me, as I had been drawing my own for years. But Jensen and Jared quickly grew on me once I got to know broody Dean and sweet Sam. At the moment I saw the ad and thought, "Hmm, maybe I'll give that a shot," I never imagined myself still watching new episodes more than a decade later, now beloved by so many. I'm always surprised by how they mix it up and the deep dark places they explore while still being so very entertaining. I'm guessing I'm not alone.

Aww, nuts. I just remembered I didn't watch the Supernatural Comic-Con panel this year. I've been way too preoccupied. I would remedy this today if I hadn't already spent too much of the day emailing back and forth with work. I doubt I'll get a chance to exercise, which is when I watch all the videos I need to get caught up on. Tomorrow then.


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