Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Laws of Nature
Season 3, Episode 1
Yahoo Superfan Aftershow


This has been out for a week now. Can't get everything done that I really want when I want, so I have to settle for eventually. But I loved this and I had to share for the two of you who haven't seen it yet. I love interviews in general, because behind the scenes tidbits have always intrigued me, but when it's my favorite people from one of my favorite shows then I just can't get enough. Especially when those people all seem to be happy to be doing it. These are just a few moments that stood out to me and my personal favorite highlights. I could have included more, but you're going to watch it anyway, right?

Clark being Clark. I loved his response to one of the super fans in the audience: "That was, in fact, such a great question, I feel like you should have a small me." Then he gave the questioner what, by the box, looked like a Funko Pop Coulson. (Um...I'd like to have a life-sized version, but I guess I could settle for a mini me if I had to.) And then he told the guy he'd sign it for him and shook his hand. Clark always comes off as kind and personable in real life and the heart he gave to Coulson is why he's so beloved.

According to Brett, after joking about Hydra going nice because of something Clark said, the new Hydra is a stripped down version that's "not about petting cats and twirling mustaches." And that's what I love about these people. They work so well together on the show, have great chemistry even when they clash, and then in real life they can joke around and not miss a beat in a setting like this. They are comfortable with each other and the way they interact feels like family. I've seen and read before how people on a movie set can become like a family, which makes perfect sense working so closely for a while, and a TV series is even more intense for a longer period. I've seen it before, like in the extras for the final season of Fringe, where there were plenty of tearful goodbyes.

Nick Blood answering a question as Adrianne Palicki, who couldn't make it to the show because she was needed on set, was hilarious. And that was followed immediately by a question for him and his answer: "Can I just say that I thought Adrianne's answer was impeccable?"

Possible redemption for Ward? Brett thinks it can happen. He plays the character after all and sees him as a very messed up guy, but he doesn't see him as evil. I'll never rule it out, because it really is all in where the writers want to go. Clark reminds us that other characters with a higher body count have been redeemed.

SHIELD Charades: My favorite new thing. I could watch this all day long. Brett is nominated by Clark to be the one to act out scenes from the show. Gregg ~ "What do we do to him if he loses?" Moderator ~ "Audience choice." Brett reminds the superfans that they were treated to pizza. :D

The first clue was Brett thrusting his chest forward and arms back. Of course that was Skye becoming an Inhuman. Hilariously, he said, "Please don't turn that into a gif." Before he even said that I knew I was going to, but then I couldn't get my app to record more than a few minutes of the stream. :-(

"Kree-fitti." Ha! I need to use that.

They only took two superfan questions from Twitter. Mine was not one of them. It was more of a request anyway.

If you have ever read anything I've written about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you've probably gathered that I love it more than almost anything, and that it ranks very highly among my top series of all time. I love it just as much as Fringe or Doctor Who. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is actually kind of perfect to me. Of course nothing is technically perfect and there are always those who find flaws, but I couldn't care less about that because it's emotionally powerful, incredibly fun, and has strong, believable characters. It's the kind of series that gets me excited to watch every time, the kind that stays with me, the most memorable moments having a great impact.

The key to this impact for me is the wonderful sense of humor in the writing of to balance the strange and the dark, just like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I usually have a stronger connection to characters that make me laugh, getting to love them much quicker than serious characters on humorless shows, and losing them is often more devastating. Characters feel real because of the way they react to the situations they find themselves in and the humor they have about it. Conflicts make me anxious, because we can lose anyone at any time...even in the middle of a comic relief moment, as any long-time Whedon fan knows.

Then there's the fact that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is not stagnant. It's a series that constantly changes things up, brings in new blood, new ideas, new situations and is always heading towards a goal, such as finding the mystery of Coulson, the mystery of Skye, surviving Hydra and striking back, introducing Inhumans. Yet, the relationships and people always remain what matter the most. The best scenes are filled with emotion: Coulson's Agents of Nothing speech, which I've mentioned so many times; Coulson finding out what the T.A.H.I.T.I. Protocol is and Raina drawing tears from him when she told him that the woman he loved, the cellist, was heartbroken when he died; Coulson losing his left arm, followed by his right, May; Skye's mother trying to take her life; Skye saying goodbye to her father, Cal; Jemma getting infected and throwing herself off the Bus; Jemma running away from Fitz after he confessed his love for her and sacrificed himself; Fitz losing it when he found out Ward was Hydra; Fitz screaming "do something" at the monolith in the way anyone would, screaming his heart out in pain and frustration after all those months of hope turned to devastation; May having to kill a child, which changed her personality; losing Tripp in such an unexpected and awful way; and even Ward, seeing glimpses of his terrible past, and his love for Skye and then Kara. And there are countless others. This is a superhero series that, no matter how out there it may get, will always be grounded by human emotion.

Having said all that, it's time for a new episode tonight. It's only the second one, but I can feel this season already going by too quickly. I want to savor it. I will; I just have so much to get done that the weeks just fly by.


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