Rediscovering Mrs. Brown's Boys


Taking a few minutes off from present wrapping to bring you a little something. No, it's not a preview of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, "The Husbands of River Song," that airs Christmas Day. No, it's not the posts I'm working on about "Heaven Sent" and "Hell Bent" or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "Maveth." Those are on hold due to the sheer craziness of the last few weeks. Work is done...mostly. Christmas shopping is done...just in time! But I wanted to share this.

The last Christmas present I bought, and the biggest decision I had to make, was Mrs. Brown's Boys. I know almost nothing about this series. Last year, or maybe even the year before, my family sat down to a Christmas episode. I have no idea what channel was playing it, but since it wan't censored, I'm guessing it wasn't PBS, our old go-to for introducing us to over-the-pond TV series. Now, usually it's Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, but public television still brings us the occasional surprise, like Doc Martin.

As for Mrs. Brown's Boys, I have a feeling if we hadn't been channel surfing that night then we would have never heard about it. I haven't heard a whisper since. The memories came flooding back the second I saw the DVD set cover, though. (The Blu-ray isn't available for the U.S., unless you have a region-free player.) I remembered that I couldn't stop laughing, my ribs hurt by the time it was over, my cheeks were sore, and I was dehydrated, like a great episode of Whose Line is it Anyway? I loved it. I hope the rest is just as funny. I will absolutely be watching this with the gift recipient, my father, or I'll just steal it for a while.

I gathered a few clips here so you can see if this is a comedy for you.

Mrs. Brown's Boys
The Complete Series

Price: ~ $78
# of Discs: 8
Runtime: 749 minutes
Release Date: November 3, 2015


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