I Saw Deadpool Yesterday


And now I can't stop thinking about what a fantastic time I had. It's the very definition of a laugh riot. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to review this fourth wall inside a fourth wall-breaking, cringe-inducing fight scene having, barage of pop culture referencing, creative profanity laced bundle of goodness and joy. Wait, goodness and joy doesn't sound right. Not right at all. Let's call it motor-mouth and bullets.

There was so much packed into every moment that I will absolutely be going again. My familly loved it and the whole theater was constantly bursting out in fits of laughter. From the decidedly different opening credits, which gave not so nice, but hilarious, descriptions to cast and crew rather than names (like "asshat" and "comic relief"), I knew we were in for a wonderful, morally muddled ride. From a comment about a "house that blows up every couple years" to the consequences of punching, and kicking, a man of steel, I barely got a chance to catch my breath. From a sullen teenage fireball to an unfeeeling antagonist super dick that got his name from a soap, there were more than enough superpowers on display in this origin story. And in the few quiet moments of vulnerabilty, I got to see a greater depth than I would have thought.

Ignoring all else, my new love for WW/DP was cemented with his choice of a Voltron ring as an arcade prize, a reference to Fawlty Towers, and referring to the antagonist as a "shit-spackled Muppet fart." I knew almost nothing about the character before the movie, so take it easy on me; that was a great surprise. And, of course, his Bea Arthur t-shirt was a thing of beauty. I had read about his love of Golden Girls. I don't trust anyone who doesn't enjoy those ladies. Then there were references to Star Wars and Taken and The Matrix and Ferris Bueller. Stick around though the end credits for that last one.

I'm so happy that Ryan Reynolds finally got to do justice to the character he played in X-Men Origins, the one that was wrongly silenced and sent after Wolverine. I still like that movie because of Hugh Jackman. But now in his own starring vehicle, Reynolds made a lot of fun of that previous misguided use of the beloved Merc with a Mouth. There were also some shots at the underwhelming Green Lantern, which I enjoyed only because of Reynolds. I'm guessing it was cathartic to finally get to be the right version of the comic character he was meant to play. It was obvious he put a lot of heart into it and it was a greatly entertaining surprise.

I hope Dead Pool does spectacularly in the theater. It was awesome in IMAX, such booming bass. I haven't watched anything in IMAX since The Dark Knight. My brothers, cousins and I went back to watch Batman and the Joker face off three more times after that, astounded by the caliber of Heath Ledger's performance. But everything we've wanted to see in that theater since has been in 3-D. *sigh*

Oops, went off on a tangent there. Anyway, this is definitely not a movie for everybody; I'm quite sure my mom would close her eyes for much of it and say "oh, geez" at all the language. But if (anti-)superhero movies capture your interest, if Spy had you rolling on the floor laughing last summer at all the spectacularly R-rated things Melissa McCarthy and company said, and if you thought Watchmen was only a bit over the top in the gratuitous violence area, but could have been great had it had any sense of humor, then this oddball Marvel movie should be right up your alley...or Main Street. ;-)

So, it looks like I just wrote a mini review even though I said I had no time for it. And now I bring you t-shirts! I tweeted the Deadpool/Stewie from Family Guy shirt that I bought a month ago on a whim. Ryan Reynolds is always someone I look forward to seeing, but I couldn't know if I would be head-over-heels for this rebooted Wade Wilson franchise hopeful. I wore that shirt to the movie, hoping I wouldn't want to burn it later, and I turned out not to be disappointed in the least. I guess that means now I will want everything I see with Deadpool's mug plastered on it, like the four shirts below. Good thing that old avocado is covered by a cool mask.

What the Deuce? A.k.a. Deadpool

Price: $24.80 for tees; various prices for scarves, cases, bags, and more
Sizes: Up to 3XL
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Merc Arsenal

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Capt. W. Wilson

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The Walking Merc

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