Rest in Peace, Anton Yelchin


When I first saw Anton Yelchin in Hearts in Atlantis, an adaption of a Stephen King collection, I was impressed. He was only 12 when he starred in it alongside Anthony Hopkins. With that first movie, I knew I would look forward to his work for decades. I'm so very sorry to say that that time was cut unfairly short. He was the best part of Huff, fantastic in Charlie Bartlett, a delight in the rebooted Star Trek. Now, like Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight, I will be watching Star Trek Beyond with tears welling up whenever Anton is on the screen.

Though I never knew him, this is another in just a handful or two of celebrity losses that really knocked the wind out of me. I am so sorry for his family and friends. It is quite painful to lose someone, even more so when it's so sudden, unexpected, and on a day that's supposed to be a celebration. Father's Day (and Mother's Day and every day) will forever be linked with tremendous heartache for both of his parents. I leave you now with a few tweets in memoriam from Anton's Star Trek family.

The typo in here made it hurt more, because no one cares about a typo at a time like this, and I could imagine Karl trying to get all of that out through blurry, tear-filled eyes.

While everyone had beautiful words, Simon Pegg really got to me, because it was just this picture.

There are many more messages you can read at Hollywood Reporter from people who worked with Anton, people who were his friends, and people who admired him.


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