Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Bouncing Back
Season 3, Episode 11 Recap


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In memory of Dan Schmidt, the founder of Across the Airwaves, who sadly passed away this summer. The tribute episode for him can be found here.

It may seem to some reading only this blog and not following me on Twitter that I have fallen out of love with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I mean, I haven't written about anything since "Closure," the ninth episode of the season, all the way back in December. There have been no tees about the show recently either. It sure seems that MAOS is no longer a priority, to anyone who isn't me. Fallen out of love? That couldn't be further from the truth. The tees have been few and far between lately, because I haven't seen much on the daily tee sites. And I've just been talking about the show in a more easily digestible, quicker to compose, immediate form on Twitter.

I've gotten into the habit of really only tweeting about the series, for better and for worse. I can't wait to find the time again to be able to sit down, no distractions, and actually write, because now I'm even going a bit out of order. You may have noticed that there's an episode post missing between "Closure" and "Bouncing Back." That's not unusual. Time constraints make it impossible to write about every episode. But the missing post is "Maveth," one of the series best, a truly excellent and unforgettable episode. I did write about it, and I thought I had published it, but somehow that never happened.

And it looks like I knew about that, but then forgot in the following months since I didn't work on it or even once think about working on it.

"Maveth" will eventually see the light of day, but not right now, not before all the episodes that followed it. Why? I'll have to go through and most likely spend hours, if not days or weeks, editing it. Before spending more time on that, I already sent all these messages to Across the Airwaves; they were complete except for some screenshots, so I am publishing them first in a series of 12. Yup, I was able to keep up with the last 12 episodes of the season in tweet form.

Hopefully, I'll get to the "Maveth" post before next summer. ;-) Actually, that is a possibility, if all the times posts have languished in my drafts is any indication.

I do have an excuse, though. "Maveth" premiered on December 8. That's quite close to Christmas and I was quite busy afterward. I had that post nearly complete before the premiere of the next, because of the long break, and I was going to finish it during Agent Carter's second, and sadly final, season; a season that I loved more than the first, especially because of James D'arcy's hilarious and heartfelt performance as Jarvis, but that's another story. I had until March 8 for my "Maveth" post to stay relevant. Plenty of time, I thought. In the beginning of the new year, my mother had two hospitalizations and weeks of physical therapy. She's good now, but life for everyone didn't start getting back to normal -- or the new normal that we all had to get used to -- until sometime in May. We've been playing catch up with everything ever since.

So, here we go. I'll be posting a number of these per week until the premiere on September 20. I can't believe the summer went by so fast.

These are all of-the-moment, gut reactions, and some may not even make any sense. That's what happens with (almost) live tweeting. I may look like a fool sometimes. I may look brilliant sometimes. I may look prophetic sometimes. I don't know; I haven't re-read any of these really for fear of the fool aspect. But I bring them to you anyway, because this is me.

If you enjoy any of this series, please go listen to the excellent podcast they were featured in, Across the Airwaves. I don't want you listening for my words, but rather for the passionate people there who know their stuff and have more insight than I do into the wonderful world of Marvel.


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Before I start looking/feeling like the new Ward, I think I need a bit of a of those 8-hour naps. If someone could make it 24, I would do their laundry for a year. No, a month...just in case anyone actually has that power. Never know who's Inhuman. Ooh, nice that I brought it back to the show. Wish I could stay for a while, but life is just starting to return to normal and I need to not mess that up already. But I have to contribute something to my favorite podcast (which I apologize for being behind on) or it somehow feels wrong.

Anyway, excellent episode. At least, I think so. Don't know what everyone else thinks since I didn't have time to read others' tweets while I was watching. I could never be depended on to critique since I just about always support any decision the series makes. I've had faith from before the beginning that they know what they're doing and are going to go somewhere great. I've never been disappointed.

Though I never want it to end, I can't wait for the rest of the season. Oh, and can I just give a gigantic WOOHOO to the renewal?

To wrap it up, here are the thoughts I tweeted on "Bouncing Back."

Or, you know, a long time ago... And I almost accidentally deleted this one when I was trying to copy it.

Seriously, that's something that can't wait until the actual news? Whether you love or loathe Trump is not the issue. I just get frustrated when certain news is elevated to "breaking news" when it isn't so important that it can't wait an hour; the election was still many months away. And that is the only semi-political thing you'll ever see on this blog, unless I start covering Madam Secretary.

Oh, my goodness, Brett liked this one. Didn't expect that. Nice way to end the day.

This is the kind of thing that makes me love a show more.

And they started over! How sweet/cute was that moment?

By that I mean scarier than any Ward moment. Well, maybe not the time he killed Victoria Hand and later stared into the camera. Or when he ejected FitzSimmons into the ocean and seriously messed things up for them. Or when he tortured Bobbi. Oh, the fingernails. Okay, there have been many scary Ward moments, but now he's much more, yeah, I was right the first time.

It's like they're brothers.

Just had to be said. Where did the weeks go? I mentioned it again! Why did I forget about my "Maveth" post?!

Um, did I forget to tweet how great of a character Yo-Yo is? I know I was writing something, but it's not in my drafts. Of course. Super speed that lasts only as long as a heartbeat and then pulls her back? Cool power, interesting vulnerability. I love how quickly Mack figured it out when trying to escape... ... ... ... ... Just reading a bit about the character before signing off and I found out that (SPOILER, for those who don't know) her arms get ripped off? Ick. Please, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., don't go that way. Coulson losing a hand is enough.

Remember how I said I needed sleep? I never listen to myself. *sigh* Until next week, Nicki and Dan. Hope you're both well and have a great podcast.


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